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Many people have a fabulous relationship with Facebook. I am not one of these people.

Let me explain.  I like many aspects of Facebook: reconnecting with long-lost friends; saying “Happy birthday” to an acquaintance in the laziest way possible; or having my Mom comment on things in hilarious ways that usually are waaaaaay too personal.  While I like certain facets of the Face(book); I hate others: the barrage of Humblebrags; the negative comments; the utter outrage and everything everywhere without any action.

Yesterday, I hit a wall while looking at my Facebook wall.  It seemed that every other post was about something nasty and negative and so I am taking a break.  I am no longer checking my Facebook because I need my sanity.  I’m too damn tired and stupid as it is – I need as much brainpower as possible.

For people on Facebook – do you need time away as well?  Do you take breaks?  What are your thoughts on it?  Is it natural to be able to see so much information about other people?  Is it normal to see only “cultivated” lives that are filtered and edited?  Is this healthy for us?