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Recently, I was asked how I lost my baby weight and, before I go into how it happened, I’d like to state that: I don’t think women should have to lose baby weight quickly if at all, and every single woman’s body is different.  I know women who gained fifty pounds during pregnancy and lost it in three months.  I know other women who gained only twenty-five pounds and it took them two years to take off the weight.  Women’s bodies are glorious and varied and that’s what I wanted to write first.

My journey toward being svelte quickly after childbirth happened in a weird way.  I strangely got hyperthyroidism after giving birth.  This is pretty rare but, in a nutshell, it isn’t fun.  Yes, you lose all sorts of weight (I honestly was thinner three weeks post-partum than I have EVER been in my entire adult life); but it comes with all sorts of negative things.  I was moody, I couldn’t sleep, and I woke up in sweats.  My husband had to bring towels into bed because I sweat so much during sleep; it was pretty gross.  To top it off, it ended in Post-Natal Depression which I’ve written about on this blog.


After I had my thyroid checked out – it quickly went back to normal.  It was a freak thing that, with a little help, went away.  Best of all, with help, I was no longer depressed.

When that went away – so did my size 0 skinniness; but, honestly, I didn’t miss it.  I felt weird being skinny – I felt weak.  I don’t like feeling weak; especially with my baby Moira.  She’s a hearty little girl and I need all the strength I have to carry her around and play with her.  I need my energy to be a working mom.

So I’m back to normal and that’s great.  I’m not super skinny; but I’m fine with that and, best of all, I’m strong.  To maintain my strength, I do yoga once a week, lift weights a couple of days a week, walk a lot, and take Zumba once a week.  Basically, I work out like a sassy retiree in Boca Raton – nothing too strenuous or for too long.  After having my baby, my hips are different.  Where as I used to run or do intense things like boot camp; I can’t do those anymore.  They hurt.  So, I do moderate things a few times a week when I can fit it in.

As for my diet, nobody wants to read it, but I eat everything in moderation.  It’s not sexy, but it’s the truth.  I eat carbs and chocolate every day.  Most nights, I have a glass of wine.  Sometimes I eat pizza but, when I do, I try to eat a salad on the side so I can get more nutrition.  I eat for energy but I also eat for fun – food is so amazingly wonderful and connects us.  I love cooking for my family (on the rare occasions that I do); I love traveling and trying out new cuisines; I want to be a positive role model to my little girl – eating everything but hopefully following hunger cues and eating as fresh as possible.

That’s it!  I appreciate the question but don’t know if that answers everything.  I look forward to any questions!